Terms and Conditions

Thank you for providing the summarized terms and conditions related to Himachalcabexpert.com's services. Here's a concise overview for your convenience:

  1. Ownership of Content: Himachalcabexpert.com owns all trip-related photos and videos for advertising purposes.
  2. ID Verification: Valid government ID, such as Voter ID, Passport, or Driving License, is required for Himachal trips.
  3. Refunds: No refunds for unused inclusions during the trip.
  4. Responsibility for Belongings: Travelers are responsible for their belongings; the company is not liable for damage or loss.
  5. Air Conditioning and Safety: AC may be turned off for safety and comfort in challenging terrains.
  6. Prohibited Activities: Drinking and smoking are not allowed during the tour. Travelers should be physically fit.
  7. Risks and Responsibility: Inherent adventure risks; the company is not responsible for accidents or injuries.
  8. Conduct and Discipline: Misconduct or indiscipline is not tolerated.
  9. Alterations and Delays: The company is not responsible for delays due to natural hazards, accidents, or weather conditions.
  10. Insurance: Travelers should arrange their insurance coverage for sickness, accidents, or theft.
  11. Itinerary Changes: Itineraries may be adjusted for safety and comfort based on various factors.
  12. Driver and Vehicle: The company provides alternatives in case of vehicle breakdown.
  13. Hotel Hygiene: Hotels maintain hygiene standards; disputes with hotels will be addressed on-site.

Your trust in Himachalcabexpert.com is valued, and the company is committed to providing a seamless and memorable travel experience. For any inquiries or clarifications, feel free to contact us. Relax and enjoy your journey, leaving your worries to Himachalcabexpert.com while booking your package.